Would you like to be involved in Growth Track at a whole other level? If you want to challenge and encourage others in their faith, then maybe being a table captain is your next step! As a table captain you will have an opportunity to invest in a small group of individuals over a four week period. Growth Track table captains will engage in conversations and create a welcoming environment for those assigned to your table. You will help people with their questions and help them apply what they are learning. You will even be leading a segment of the class from your table! 

What topics will you help lead?

  • Session 1- Understanding the Holy Spirit

  • Session 2- Owning Your Growth

  • Session 3- Discovering your spiritual gift

  • Session 4- Having a meaningful quiet time

If you are interested in learning more about Growth Track, the role of a table captain, and are willing to make a four week commitment, please click HERE and a pastor will reach out to you ASAP!